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Welcome to our book project!

Above you will see the link to the original post with the first question for such a book. The picture aside was created by Rob (user RobElliottRobElliott) as a very good gag (thank you for this!) and had a quick reaction: Kenneth (user tsangktsangk) has build this wiki as a working set for an araising book. I have only inserted 3 divisions/categories using the csi:hammer-navigator and a (minimum) forum.


We need here a place for all discussions about the content and the target-people and the philosophy behind this book and and and… You will find the discussion overview here:
>>> Discussion - ..threads are here "pages" (with comments).

…and >>> more


We need a place for the proposals of the chapters - not the finalised content for printing and viewing. You will find these proposals here:
>>> Proposals - all is allowed.

…and >>> more


And finally we have the (future) chapters of the book , collected in the "chapter" category here:
>>> Content - the page "book" holds the overview of all chapters

…and >>> more

Everyone is invited to join this site and help!

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