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What are Wikis?

Traditional websites are known as being static websites. These sites are very limited in its functionality – allowing visitors to do little more than to read the content, contribute to a forum, email comments to the site owner or purchase items. That’s boring!

But a wiki is different. A wiki is essentially a website where some or all visitors are contributors to the website. These visitors will be able to add, remove and edit pages easily, quickly and efficiently. This gives groups the ability to collectively edit and develop documents whilst saving the hassle of needing to send countless emails back-and-fourth – reducing confusion and clutter in your inbox. By using wikis, collaboration is simplified and centralized.

One advantage of a wiki over a traditional website is that the responsibility for making changes doesn't rest with just one person, it becomes a group resource and everyone has a stake in it and a contribution to make. Making changes and adding content can become quite addictive and good fun.

Based on "What is a Wiki Site", by RobElliottRobElliott

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